Let your visitors turn their photos into picture postcards and…


Cost-effective for you, free and simple for them, and all at a click of their button.
Guest Generated Promotion at it’s best!
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The synergy couldn’t be better

Visitor photos are transformed into meaningful digital picture postcards. Desirable, easily sharable and impacting!

No app installation required, just point your phone and shoot

Upload photos 'LIVE' or upload 'LATER'. The choices are theirs

Instant, sharable, simple and fun

Direct and meaningful connection to guests

User Generated - no interaction required from you

Passive, yet powerful promotional tool - 24/7

Attention-grabbing, far reaching social media exposure

Create your own flexible, DIY, 'go anywhere' Photobooth

Endless options, applications AND fully managed by us!

Fully Managed, Flexible, Scalable, User Generated.

Boost 1st person contact and online exposure PLUS provide a fun, engaging activity to your newest brand ambassadors. HASSLE FREE!


Customizable, Flexible, Scalable

Plans from single events to year long packages. Change themes to suit seasons or one off campaigns. Brand or theme your guests’ entire journey from initial presentation to email and social post content.

Instant, Fun, Desirable

Gives visitors' photos an identity, location and a beautiful upgrade. Instantly ready for sending & sharing

Team Friendly & Simple

No interaction required, seamless and fully managed by us. Tirelessly working for you 24/7

Cost Effective & Green

Excellent ROI giving high visibility, far reaching promotion WITH ZERO WASTE or other costs

Impacting & Meaningful

Instantly shareable branded photos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & email

Slider Canada
This is….

Your chance to brand, enhance and interact with every  visitor’s experience

Provide a free and entertaining service

Create a long lasting, far reaching memory

Interact with, and harness guest information

Instant platform to send information direct to guests

Engage visitors with contests or promos

Partner with sponsors and share costs

Raise awareness to your business through social sharing


Heritage, Culture, Beauty, Nature, Amusement, Educational, Commercial, Shopping and more


Ski, Water, Rock, Sky, Rentals, and more

Tours & Cruises

Ship, Boat, Train, Bus, Walking, Guided, Bike, City Tours and more

Nature Indigenous Culture

Parks, Wildlife, Zoo, Safari, Indigenous Community, Eco-Tourism, Religious, Educational and more

Festivals & Music

Concerts, Community Events, Festivals, Fairs and more

Conferences & Shows

Business Events, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Corporate Activations and more

Vacations, Destinations & Resorts

Tourism Offices, Ski/Beach Resorts, Hotels & Accommodation, Tour Companies and more


League & Team Events, School, Regional Competitions and more

Make the most with

ENDLESS Opportunities!

EVERYONE LOVES photos! In fact it’s estimated that around 1.8 TRILLION photos will be taken in 2023. That’s 1,800,000,000,000 photos this year alone! 57,246 Photos EVERY SECOND

Be a part of them with virtual picture postcards and benefit from far reaching, impacting ‘guest powered promotion’ in mind bending proportions!

Make the most of endless opportunities!

EVERYONE LOVES photos! In fact it’s estimated that around 1.5 TRILLION photos will be taken in 2022. That’s 1,500,000,000,000 photos this year alone! 47,564 Photos EVERY SECOND

Be a part of them with virtual picture postcards and benefit from far reaching, impacting ‘guest powered promotion’ in mind bending proportions!

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